How to Make a Presentation Board

As Presentation Board’s are very open to choices, this is how we made the one above. Rose Thompson came up with all of the ideas and put it together. This was to show the options a certain business had with what our company provided.

Items You Need

1. Wooden Board

2. Foam Board

3 .Command Large Picture Hanging Strips

4. Glue Gun

5. Double Sided Tape

6. Clear Transparent Damage Free Hanging Metal Hooks


  1. Bought a Wooden piece from Home Depot.

Note : Size is optional as it depends on what size you need

2. Bought a Foam Board from Michaels

Note :Size has to be the same as the wooden board or make sure you cut it the same size after.

3. Bought a Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips (Home Depot or Michaels)

Printed out and grabbed all of the pieces (Title of Names, Fabrics, Paint Sample, Laminate, Handle, and Panel Finish.)

Cut out the foam board to the shapes

Used Doubled Sided Tape for Everything thin to the Foam

Put Hooks through the carpet to hold heavy items

Mounting Strips to Attach Foam and Carpet (you can always take it off)

Glue Gun Carpet to Wood

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